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NewVigor BOOST

NewVigor BOOST
New for 2021 - now with maca, too!

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50 capsules • just $33.95

• makes NewVigor work even better
• also works well all by itself

Boost Ingredients 2.0


Q. What’s in NewVigor BOOST?

A: Three all natural ingredients. First, horny goat weed, a popular herbal, standardized to 20% icariin for highest potency. Many other horny goat weed product are standardized to 10% or less (or not standardized at all), and some are standardized to icariins (plural) rather than icariin (singular), meaning they are including other related compounds in the standardization, instead of standardizing for pure icariin. The second ingredient is genuine catuaba extract
(Erthroxylum catuaba). There are a few different herbals often sold under that name, we include the real thing, in the form most desired by men. And now NewVigor BOOST includes maca, a vegetable root from Peru. Studies have associated maca with increased libido and higher sperm count. In addition to addressing sexual issues (in both men and women), maca is believed to have a variety of other potential health benefits.

Q: If these extra ingredients are good, why didn’t you just put them in the NewVigor daily supplement to begin with?

A: NewVigor is formulated to be taken daily, and includes ingredients that have been shown to work well when taken daily. The ingredients in NewVigor BOOST, like many herbals, are likely to work best when
not taken daily. So it would not make sense to put them in the same capsule. NewVigor BOOST should be “cycled” -- i.e. taken on and off, instead of every day. (Maca had previously also been in NewVigor, but it seems to be equally viable to cycle it, and with other recent additions to NewVigor, there was no room to leave it in there as well.)

Q: How quickly should I notice a benefit from taking NewVigor BOOST?

A: We suggest taking it for 4 days, then skipping it for a few days, and doing the same the following week. Many people will notice a difference within the first day or two! Most people should notice a difference, if not the first week, then certainly by the second.

Q: Can I vary how often I take it?

A: Absolutely. We suggest the 4-days-on, 3-days-off method to start because it is easy to follow, especially for people who use a 7-day “week” container for their daily supplements. You may find that 3-days-on and 2-days-off, or some other pattern, could work better for you, so feel free to try different combinations. In addition, you may find occasional “extended breaks” beneficial. For example, you may want to follow one of the above patterns for three weeks, and then skip taking it for a week before starting again. You also may simply not want to not bother taking it at all during periods when you feel you do not need “Boost.”

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