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➤ Is it normal for my sexual responsiveness to vary?

With or without a supplement, your body probably has high points and low points, days you're sexually stronger than others. Many things can affect sexual responsiveness, and make one day different from another. These can include diet, fatigue, stress, medications, and how long it's been between sexual encounters, among other things. With NewVigor®, your weaker days will be stronger, and your stronger days will be outstanding!

➤ What else should I do to help maintain peak sexual performance?

Be conscious of your health in general. Don't smoke, watch your weight, watch your cholesterol, stay active. This isn't just good general advice. In fact, smoking, high weight, high cholesterol, and an overly sedentary routine have all been found to negatively impact sexual ability.

A good multivitamin with zinc is always a good idea. We mention zinc because zinc deficiency has been linked to sexual problems. We do not include zinc in NewVigor® because relatively few people are zinc deficient (anyone who has a healthy diet and/or takes a multivitamin already gets enough zinc), and zinc is one of those nutrients where it is actually possible to take too much, so leaving zinc out of NewVigor™ is one of the ways we assure its safety whether you take a smaller or larger number of capsules daily, and whether you take NewVigor with or without an additional multivitamin. We suggest that men choose a multivitamin that does not contain iron. A fish oil supplement may be helpful as well.

As for other natural supplements, many people have also reported a benefit from an herbal ingredient colloquially known as "horny goat weed" (yes, really). We make a supplemental product called NewVigor BOOST which includes a high potency horny goat weed extract, along with catuaba, another useful herbal ingredient. More information about NewVigor BOOST can be found on the NewVogor Boost page.

➤ How do I know it’s working?

One of the nice things about NewVigor® compared to most other kinds of nutritional supplements is that the benefits aren’t just theoretical... you’ll probably notice obvious differences.

Sometimes, when a supplement works, people wonder if they’re experiencing a “placebo effect,” a term used to describe a psychologically based phenomenon where the very fact that you're taking a pill (regardless of what's in it) seems to help. Since psychology (mood, expectation, anxiety, interest, etc.) does play a large part in sexual function, it is not surprising that benefits of some pills are sometimes thought to likely be due to a placebo effect. However, in addition to the positive clinical evidence described on our Ingredients page, some common NewVigor™ effects can also assure you that it's really "doing something."

After taking NewVigor®, you may find yourself more often waking up in an aroused or semi-aroused (and therefore easily further arousable) state. Also, as you stir in the middle of the night, you may notice erections. These are very common experiences when we're young, but tend not to happen much as we get older. With NewVigor™, you are likely to experience these things again. Since you are not even conscious when these erections occur, this is strong evidence of a true physiological rather than a merely psychological change.

➤ Can I take NewVigor® with Viagra® or Cialis®?

Check with you doctor before taking NewVigor® with any prescription medication.

That said, from anecdotal reports, it is possible that NewVigor® may help Viagra® or Cialis® work more reliably, for people who otherwise experience inconsistent results from those drugs. In addition, while Viagra is supposed to last about 4 hours and Cialis up to 36, anecdotal evidence indicates that, in conjunction with NewVigor®, you may see longer benefits from the combination, which is not only more convenient, but also means you may need to take the drug less often, lowering costs as well as the likelihood of side effects.

After getting your doctor's approval, we might suggest first trying taking NewVigor® with only half your usual dose of Viagra® (or Cialis®). We would also suggest taking them a few hours apart. For example, you might take NewVigor® every morning, and on those days where you also want to take a drug, take it some hours later. Note that NewVigor is not intended or designed to treat any condition or disease, and nothing here should be construed as medical advice. For that, please see your heath care professional.

➤ How long should I keep taking NewVigor®?

Assuming you see some results from your first bottle, we recommend that you keep taking NewVigor® for at least three months, based on clinical tests showing improvement over that period of time from continuous use of the ingredients (as described on the Ingredients page). This way you’re likely to experience its full benefit.

After that, you can continue to take it daily, for all its health benefits. However, if cost is a concern, you may choose to take it less often, or stop taking it until you again feel you need a boost. (By keeping track of how long that time is, you might be able to anticipate when you will want to start taking it again after your next break, and perhaps start taking it a little sooner.) You may also try some different regimens to see what works sufficiently for you in the long term. For example, you may want to continue to take it daily, but generally take a smaller amount. Or you might periodically skip some days. You can experiment to see what works best for you.

➤ Is there anyone who should not take NewVigor®?

If you are suffering from any medical condition or are taking medication, check with your doctor before taking NewVigor™. In addition, NewVigor® is not recommended for people under 18 or for women who are pregnant or nursing.

➤ Starting with 5 capsules a day seems like a lot. Why 5? Can I take less?

We suggest five a day as a good starting point because it is the amount we initially tested, based on supplying ingredients in amounts that have been found effective. However, that does not mean that lesser amounts may not also be effective. In fact, people have found that smaller amounts can also work. We simply suggest you start with the amount that has been most tested and the most supported by scientific research. Once you determine that it works for you, you can absolutely try cutting back and may indeed find that it continues to be effective for you. You can also vary the amount you take over time as needed.

➤ Can I take even more? Will there be a benefit?

You can take up to ten a day, either all at once, or five capsules twice a day. Ten provides maximum effectiveness. The reason we don't typically suggest that is that it gets expensive, and five is usually enough for people to get excellent results. But if budget is not an issue, and you don't mind taking a lot of capsules, sure, try ten and see what happens! It still provides safe amounts of all its ingredients, and will give you the maximum effectiveness. You might also stay with 5 (or less) for typically daily maintenance, with occasional jumps to ten at times when you particularly want the most results.

➤ Is this "herbal Viagra®"?

Although NewVigor is designed for optimum sexual health, there really is no such thing as "herbal Viagra." Please read the detailed explanation at this link.

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